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You'd like to have a design, a story illustration, a mythological creature, your OCs or something else drawn by me? Then please SEND ME A NOTE so we can talk (or rather write) about it.

There are some things I don't draw; let's call it 'bad taste', I think you get the picture.
I also don't draw your OCs together with copyrighted characters (like characters from books, movies, games or comics).
There are copyright laws in this world, which brings me to:

If you want a picture of characters which don't belong to me or you, we have a copyright problem. I'm not allowed to earn money with stuff I have no licence for.
There are some single cases in which I would make an exception and think of an alternative way of payment like gifts or donations. In cases like this, please also SEND ME A NOTE.

Except on those rare single cases described above, it's PayPal only (if you don't live in Germany).
Prices depend on the motive and can be negotiated to a certain point.
I put a lot of heart and thought and work in every commission to give you a picture you can be happy with, so you must understand I can't do a 24-working-hours picture for eight Euros (about eleven US dollars) or so.

So, if you are still interested, SEND ME A NOTE and I'll see what I can do for you. :)


Anita Schmidt-Pabst
Artist | Varied
I'm working on to become an author. In fact, I wrote books already (and should be writing the next one instead of editing my deviant ID), but I still need a professional publisher who makes some promotion for me. It's tough to keep on trying, hence I draw a lot to compensate the frustration!


If anybody's interested in me talking nonsense, here's an interview:…

*********** :+favlove::w00t: Thank you for your favourites and comments! :w00t::+favlove: ***********

Hey there,

I’ve been asked to submit some pictures from the HobbitCon2.

Unfortunately, most of the rather few pictures I made are quite crappy for I asked too much of my simple camera.
Also my best friend, who went with me, said if I submit any pictures featuring her, there will be trouble.

And when a gnome like me made any pictures from the stage, there were always quite a lot of heads in the way, plus I forgot completely to make any photos on the first day.

So have mercy on the little I can show you.

The foyer from above.
Untitled by wolfanita

Some of the displayed costumes. Might be a bit chilly to wear.
Untitled by wolfanita

The main hall where most panels took place.
Untitled by wolfanita

No UFO, but the costume contest. The stuff was amazing, really.
There are already great photos of the contest on the internet.
Untitled by wolfanita

The two panels of Richard Taylor were indeed great, he had such
inspiring things to say.
Untitled by wolfanita

Graham McTavish and Ken Stott (like me on his first convention).
Both really nice guys.

Untitled by wolfanita

The last panel of the convention, featuring William Kircher,
who is completely nuts, but an amazing entertainer.
Untitled by wolfanita

That’s me on the second day. I am wearing my “Hostile” Shirt
(“Grumpy with Style” was on the third day).
Yes, I know I would be a good hobbit.

Untitled by wolfanita

That’s all, for I won’t show you my awkward picture with Dean O’Gorman (that happened because I swore to make one picture with an actor, timing reasons and the fact that he’s nice and harmless). I was wearing this shirt, by the way.

 :D Anita


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Can be bought here and at online book shops (almost) worldwide (in German):

Book One:…

Book Two:…

Read excerpts here:…


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CQuiggles96 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Anita just wanted to say I am a HUGE fan of your art especially your LOTR/Hobbit pieces they are so funny and cute and amazing!!!!  Great job my dear!
(1 Reply)
Hallo :D
(1 Reply)
I admire your humorous depiction of Tolkien's work!
(1 Reply)
Cuileth Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist
You know that moment when you see one artist's wonderful art all over the place and you think "I will have a look at that later. I've already watched her/him. So the new stuff is in my watch-messages."  And then you realize that you didn't. The Valar help me. Now I do ^^ A watch for all the amazing art you create! Keep on :D
(1 Reply)
Was wuerdest du einem niedlichen Bild von Aragorn und Arwen sagen? Oder die Szene als Galadriel gibt Gimli ihre goldene Haare?

Oder das Einkommen der fuenf Zauberer in die Mittelerde?
Your Hobbit art is just to Funny. Ya really should to one with Bilbo as Hiccup and Smaug as Toothless.
(2 Replies)
Dewani90 Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
belated gratz on your new name, I'll still call you Miss Wolf for short.
(1 Reply)
MirielOfGisborne Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hallo, Anita! Germany rules!

Well, I wanted to say that the main reason why I love your art is the humor in it. I'm a great fan of the latest Hobbit movies and the dramatic interpretation of Thorin, and I sometimes get carried away with the seriousness of it, especially thinking of the end of that third movie. So your art is there to remind me that this is supposed to be fun more than anything. It really helps. Thank you for that!

And good luck with your publishing efforts! I hope it happens some day! I'm also trying to get more serious about writing, currently using fan fiction as a sort of practice ground.
I should really read some of your writing. It would certainly help with my German :)

Viel Glück!
(1 Reply)
Ech0sW0rld Mar 29, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Are your books only in German?
(1 Reply)
dymsgirl0112 Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just discovered your lotr and hobbit fanart xD I LOVE it!
(1 Reply)
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